Sunday, 15 February 2015

The Clocktower- Creative Writing in Rang 1

We recently used  a visual resource online as a stimulus for  oral language/ creative writing .   Such a wonderful range of expression in Rang 1 !

       1.I wonder how she felt up in the tower?
       I wonder is she made of metal ?
     I wonder how she felt spinning around ?

2. One day she went out of the clocktower and  then she went back.I thought it was unfair.

3 There was a clock-lady.She lived in a Tower. One day she went out of her Tower. Then the city froze. She thought for a second. She went back to the Tower and the city went colourful again.

4 Once upon a time there was a clocktower.The village where it was was very odd.There was a girl. And the girl was very odd herself too. The girl discovered something that day. What she discovered : when she left the tower it all went black and white. She was amazed. And there’s something I forgot to tell you – there were a lot of balloons. She touched a  colourful balloon and when she took her hand off it changed to black and white. So then she went back inside forever.

5 Once there was a lovely valley.Everything was made out of cogs. Even the chimneys.The people were very nice. They went up to the girl. They gave her some sweets and kept her company. One day the girl went outside. As soon as she went outside,the village turned black and grey.. She touched a balloon and the same thing happened. She noticed that she was the key. She went straight back and everything went back to normal.

6  One day in a far away land there was a beautiful tower.There was a girl living there.She went out of the clocktower.Everything went black and frozen.She hated it.She went up the stairs in the clocktower. Of course it was nice again. ‘Yipee’she said and everything was good again. They lived happily ever after.

7  I thought it was a bit like Rapunzel. The girl was a bit lonely. There were no other people in the story.I thought the music was beautiful.It was like a ghosttown when the girl left the tower. It was very sad when she came out of the tower. She didn’t have any friends.

8  I thought the girl felt a little bit left–out but she had no choice. I don’t know why she didn’t quit.It is a mystery ..but she was right. She liked the colours.

9  There was once a little girl. No ordinary thing happened in her village.She lived in a big tower and she stayed there. But one day she discovered that when she left the tower the land was all black and white. So she went back in.The world was colourful again.She never forgot the day she left the tower and she never went outside again.

10   I felt sad for her.She must be sad because she lives alone. She has no friends.

11.  The girl was upset. I liked it when she went out of the tower.

12.  I like the part when the girl went back in the Clocktower but she didn’t like that job.

13  I thought it was sad when the girl went back to the tower.

14 One day there was a girl. As you can see the girl was trapped in the clocktower. She lived in the clocktower when she was a baby. As she was growing up, she loved playing outside. So she left the clocktower. The first thing she saw was a black and white town. ‘No way’ she said, ‘I will never be going out again’. So back inside she went and all the colours came back again.

15  I thought it was a little sad because the girl did not have anyone to play with. The cog on the her dress made her look mysterious. She left the tower and nobody was outside. She went back in ..everything was normal again…a balloon came flying in the window !!

16  One day there was a young girl. She was about twenty years old. She wore a purple dress and lived with no family in an old clocktower. She had a cog on her dress. Her cog-dress fitted in to the other cogs in the tower.The next day she decided to get out of the clock tower and have her first look at the town.But the big clocktower made the whole town freeze and go black and white. So she said to herself I must go back. So she went back and everything went normal.

17  Once upon a time there was a cog but it wasn’t  a normal cog.It was actually a girl. One day when she was doing her job, she decided to go out and see the world.  But when she went outside everything went black and white. So she went back into the tower and everything went back to normal.

18. I thought the girl was sad. She had no friends. And she was stuck in the tower. She saw a balloon outside the window. She went outside to get it. When she got out everything froze.

 19 Once upon a time there was a big clocktower and a girl. On the girl’s dress there was a cog. The cog on the dress powered the clock. When she went out of the clock everything went black and white. She did not like it. But then she went back in the tower. Everything went back to normal.

20 I thought it was very unusual when she went outside. It was a bit weird when she touched the balloon. It went colourful.

21 There was a clocktower. It had a girl inside.One day she went outside.It all went black and white.

22 Once there was a clocktower. There was a girl there. Her dress  was a cog.She had to stay in the clocktower.She wanted to get out of the clocktower but when she went outside it went black and white. She thought it was scary. She went back to the tower.

23 A girl lived in a clocktower. She looked out the window and saw a green balloon. She went down the stairs and she went out the door..

24 There was a little girl in a tower. She was dancing in a dress made of a cog. When she went out,the city went black and white.When she went back inside,everything went colourful.

25. One day there was a girl in a clock tower. Nobody lived with her so she was lonely. She looked out the window and saw people. She wanted to be friends with them

26 I felt sad for her because when she went out to the houses it was all black and white. There was nobody there. When she went back in her tower everything went back to normal and everyone could come in then.

27 Once there was a girl. She danced beautifully. She lived in a weird village. There was a clocktower..well..she was a cog.She made the magical land work. I thought she was lonely when she came out of the clocktower.. The magical land turned all black and white.

28  I was very sad when the valley turned black and white. It looked like the girl was lonely. I felt happy  when the girl got the balloon. I was worried that the town would stay frozen.

29 There was a girl in a clocktower. She was sad because there was nobody to play with. I felt sorry for her. 

30 Once there was a funny street that was mostly made out of cogs. There was a clocktower on the street. In the clocktower there was a girl. The girl liked to dance. One day she went outside. The street seemed black and white.

31 The girl wanted to get out of the clocktower so she went out of the tower but the night was black and white. On her dress there was a bit of the clocktower. She went into the clocktower. She was happy.

32 Once upon a time there was a girl and she did not know that she was a cog. When she went out she saw that she was a cog.She looked sad until she remembered that she was the key. So she went back into the tower. Everything was moving again.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Cúpla griangraf

Cúpla griangraf ó la iontach sin a chaitheamar i mBaile Bhlainséir an Nollag seo caite